Despite its multiple uses for people of both sexes and all ages, Botox is still thought of by many as something that older women use to make themselves look younger. While this may be true for some individuals, it is certainly not the case for everyone interested in getting Botox injections – especially not Liz Plummer. 

The 28 year old from Boca Raton, Florida, told local NBC affiliate WPTV that she started getting injections at the age of 21 to prevent her frown lines from getting worse. She told the sources that getting rid of those pesky frown lines made her feel much more confident. 

Plummer's physician Dr. Greg DeLange told the source that he's seeing an increasing number of women under the age of 35 coming to his office for Botox. 

"Quite commonly, women will have wrinkles at an early age," Dr. DeLange told the media outlet. "They will form frown lines, they'll form little crow's feet and little forehead lines. Some women have a lot and some women don't have any. The ones that are bothered by it come in early […] We can basically stop the clock so you don't have to reverse the clock years down the road."

Dr. DeLange also noted that anyone who is considering Botox injections should spend enough time with their physician to learn about the benefits of the procedure. In addition, he said that Botox is perfectly safe for younger individuals and that it is unlikely that they would suffer any side effects. 

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