Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian knows that sometimes beauty is pain. Throughout the course of the long-running Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the diva has been seen trying out some very unconventional beauty procedures, ranging from a fish pedicure to a blood facial. For these reasons, it comes as no surprise that she has been rumored to have underwent extensive plastic surgery before her big wedding to Kanye West. Take a look at some of the procedures that Kim has thought to have – from the traditional to the out-of-the-box:

  • Diamond-dust tan: “While the dress was relatively covered up for Kim, she still wanted a luxe tan for the day (of course) – the whole of her back was on full show, after all,” writes a blogger for Glamour. “With that in mind, it has been revealed that Kim Kardashian was rumored to have had a St.Tropez Diamond Dust spray tan for her nuptials.”
  • Nose job: Did Kim opt for a slimmer and trimmer nose before walking down the aisle? Radar Online sure thinks so. According to the source, Kim’s nose looks a lot thinner, shorter and more refined than it did back in 2006.
  • Toe liposuction: They say that if the shoe fits, wear it. If not, opt for plastic surgery. According to the Daily Mail, Kim may have had collagen injected into her feet in order to make her Louboutins fit more comfortably. Essentially, this procedure provides a built-in cushion for your feet.

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