Though undergoing plastic surgery is by no means a surefire way to attract a partner or snag a promotion, the confidence that these operations can bring could certainly affect your success in these areas. Recently on this blog, we discussed how “Millionaire Matchmaker” star Patti Stanger credited her plastic surgeon for giving her the courage to find love in her 50s. Now, another woman has come forward about how cosmetic procedures like breast implants, Botox and a tummy tuck have amped up her love life as well.

According to the Mirror, a British news outlet, 60-year-old Patricia Moss has worked as a beauty specialist for years and finally decided it was her turn to indulge in a bit of pampering. After investing in various cosmetic procedures to give herself a more fresh and youthful appearance, the mother of two – who is also a grandmother – is enjoying a dynamic dating life that has helped her feel years younger.

“I’ve always been passionate about keeping fit, so I do yoga and play tennis to keep in shape,” Moss explained. However, some physical changes – like the sagging skin beneath her chin, just couldn’t be addressed with an active lifestyle. Now, thanks to her plastic surgeon, Moss feels confident in her appearance, and can often be found on dates with much younger men.

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