It’s bad enough when you can’t stop yourself from fixating on a physical imperfection, whether it’s a crooked nose or a disproportionate chest size. However, what if that flaw made you the constant butt of jokes and forced you to stay covered up even in the blazing summer sun?

That was the case for 23-year-old Vincent of New York, who faced endless taunting after he developed gynecomastia, or male breasts, as a teenager. It wasn’t until he moved in with his mother Laura – who immediately noticed that her son was not simply going through puberty – that Vincent finally saw a specialist who confirmed his condition. According to Main Street, an online news outlet that shared the family’s story – Vincent still needed one last push to consult a plastic surgeon about breast reduction surgery. The final straw came on a hot summer day on the Jersey Shore when Vincent, who typically stayed covered up to hide his chest, took off his shirt while working a construction job.

“The heat made his gynecomastia swell even more, and the other construction guys started making serious fun of him. He felt so devastated he put the shirt back on,” Laura explained.

Knowing that he couldn’t escape these jibes in the future, Vincent and his mother finally talked to a cosmetic surgeon about his options. After two years of saving up, they were finally able to pay for the treatment that would transform Vincent’s life for the better.

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