Though August has just begun, the dreaded “Back to School” commercials have already started to appear on TV screens across Tennessee, reminding students and teachers alike that September is approaching faster than they may think. But, while students may be looking to revamp their wardrobes in preparation for a new semester, it seems that teachers may also be interested in a new look to start the year.

Recently, CBS New York reported on a growing trend of summertime plastic surgery among America’s teachers. Local plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta told the news outlet that he has seen a noticeable uptick in the number of teachers who have turned to him for a few touch-ups – ranging from Botox injections to eyelid surgery – to look more refreshed for the upcoming school year.

The reasons behind this burgeoning trend are many. Dr. Marotta explained that many of the older teachers he’s seen have had to contend with the derogatory comments of their students, and even feel looked down upon by younger coworkers.

“I hear from older teachers that they feel may be patronized by younger teachers, and so they feel that in order to keep their jobs and stay young and fresh, they need to refresh their look,” he explained.

Plastic surgery is enjoying increased popularity across the board as more men and women feel empowered to take proactive steps to boost their self-confidence. If you have a bit of time off this summer, now may be the perfect opportunity to invest in a few cosmetic procedures to leave you looking refreshed for fall. Contact the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today to schedule a consultation.