The Rising Popularity of Daddy Makeovers

As this blog recently reported, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men now account for 10 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed. While this percentage may seem like a negligible portion of the population, it represents nearly 1 million surgeries and has been steadily gaining in recent years.

The popularity of “mommy makeovers” has been well-documented, but recently a new trend has begun to emerge, in line with the growth of the male plastic surgery industry: daddy makeovers. Just as mothers experience what seems like rapid aging during their first few years as parents, fathers are also noticing wrinkles and weight gain – and doing something about it.

Recently, KHOU, a local news affiliate in Houston, Texas, reported on this phenomenon.

Dr. Robert Kratschmer, a board-certified plastic surgeon in the area, has noticed many men coming in for liposuction, Botox® and even laser hair removal after becoming fathers.

“You can work out a lot, but you just reach those points where it won’t go away. Maybe when you were younger it was easier to take off, but as you get older and older, you try different things and those same areas won’t go away,” Dr. Kratschmer told the source.

Nearly every plastic surgery documented can be performed to male as well as female specifications, so if you have noticed recently that your beer belly has grown or you’ve seen unsightly hairs popping up on your chest or back, the experts at The Lett Center can help.

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