Plastic surgery patients find inspiration from their favorite celebrities

When trying to develop their ideal look, plastic surgery patients often take inspiration from celebrities. Who wouldn’t want a well-sculpted nose, chin or pair of cheeks? While few will question someone who wants to share key features with a famous person, is it possible to go too far?

A recent New York Times article features plastic surgery patients who have had procedures to make them look like their favorite movie star. While these types of requests are certainly not the norm, several of the plastic surgeons interviewed for the piece said that they are happening regularly. Dr. Burr von Maur, a plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, California, told the source that individuals who want to look like celebrities must have realistic expectations.

“You can never duplicate something,” Dr. von Maur said to the publication. “You can’t clone somebody. It’s best to enhance the patient’s own features, so we can unearth the beauty that lies underneath without radically altering their appearance.”

And we agree, to try to look exactly like another person is an unrealistic expectation. Plastic surgery serves to enhance and perfect your natural beauty. While extraordinary things can be accomplished with plastic surgery, it is imperative for patients to set realistic expectations and carefully consider their goals.

And while you might not have the exact same facial structure, skin tone, or genetic makeup as your favorite celebrity, we can help you see excellent results as they have.

Evaluation from a Plastic Surgeon

One of the most important duties of a board-certified plastic surgeon is to evaluate the underlying reasons why someone wants a cosmetic enhancement. He or she will spend as much time as is necessary to determine the patient’s needs and coming up with a suitable outcome.

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