The decision to get plastic surgery is a big one — the stakes are significant, with the potential to dramatically improve your appearance and confidence. On the flip side of the coin, cutting corners in this area could put your looks, and even your life, at risk. Here are some important tips for a successful plastic surgery experience that will leave you with the best possible results:

Do your homework: Take plenty of time to research the type of procedure you are interested in and the results you desire. These decisions should not be made hastily or on impulse. Schedule an initial consultation at The Lett Center to learn more about your options and proceed from there.

Only consult with a board certified plastic surgeon: There has been a disturbing recent trend of patients turning to unqualified sources for plastic surgery, which can be extremely dangerous. Only consult with a reputable board certified plastic surgeon such as Dwayne Lett, M.D. Dr. Lett has years of experience helping women in the Nashville area safely and effectively achieve their aesthetic goals.

Show and tell: It can be very helpful to show your physician pictures of the approximate result you are looking for, in addition to discussing your goals verbally. For example, a patient who is getting a breast augmentation might tell her doctor that she is hoping to go from a B- to a D-cup. However, when she shows him pictures of figures she admires, he might realize that what she really wants is a perkier C-cup.

Contact The Lett Center today to arrange a consultation. We can help you consider your various options for looking and feeling your absolute best!