Most of us notice the times that our skin breaks out or when it’s too dry. Unfortunately, many of us also have some bad habits, including skimping on sleep. Often the two are connected – we just haven’t made the link yet. Once you become aware of the practices to avoid, you’re on your way to great skin. Megan Cahn discusses three habits to show the door to in an ELLE article:

  • Skimping on sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep has numerous benefits for our health, from increased energy levels to improved metabolism and mood. It turns out rest also has a positive effect on skin, and these benefits extend beyond just avoiding those dark, under-eye circles. Lack of sleep causes stress and generation of free radicals, which are harmful to our skin.
  • Washing with harsh cleaners: Even if you’re someone whose prone to pimples or oily skin, you should not go for a cleanser that has drying properties. While it may seem like a good idea, these moisturizers actually strip the skin of all its good oils and reduce its natural protective barrier. They are also counter-productive, as the moisturizers speed up oil production and increase breakouts.
  • Using products in jars: Anti-aging products contain antioxidants. However, antioxidants break down with repeated exposure to light and air, something which happens more often with jar packaging. Such exposure, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of these products. Instead, choose tube-packaged products.

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