While Botox treatments have been a go-to for many mature women in Tennessee for years now, local plastic surgery specialists have also noticed a growing number of younger clientele investing in these procedures.

For many men and women, Botox injections, which smooth out wrinkles by paralyzing facial muscles beneath the skin, are a means to get rid of the pesky creases that have formed after years of furrowed brows and easy smiles. However, according to a recent piece from ABC News, people in their 20s – many of whom have started to notice the faintest traces of fine lines – are opting for early intervention instead of damage control.

Liliana Gonzalez, a 24-year-old from Texas, told an ABC affiliate in Houston that she got the injections to keep faint lines from developing into fully developed wrinkles later on.

“I figure, why let it get worse, you know?,” she told the source.

All in all, approximately 92,955 20-somethings proactively addressed forehead creases and crow’s feet wrinkles through Botox treatments in 2012 – an 8 percent boost from 2011, based on figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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