This year, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found that an increase in cosmetic surgeries outpaced a rise in reconstructive procedures, with cosmetic surgeries making up 73 percent of all plastic surgeries in 2012, compared to 61 percent the previous year. The reason? Social media.

The report asked more than 700 board-certified surgeons if they noticed any trends in why patients wanted to enhance their appearance. This year, there was a 31 percent increase in surgeons that noted social media as a cause.

Time Magazine explains that this is likely because, with the growth in social media use, more people are aware of how often they are being seen and having their picture taken. While this has often been the case for celebrities, now, anyone on a social media site has the experience.

“I see a lot of men and women who are executives or high profile so they are in the public eye,” Dr. Sam Rizk, a member of AAFPRS, said to the news source. “Their photos get taken all the time and they never know where they may end up. Between high definition television, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, how you look in photos and video clips has definitely become a driver for all cosmetic procedures from Botox to neck lifts.”

Rizk also said that regardless of what this trend means, it isn’t likely to end anytime soon. For those interested in a facelift, Botox or other cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lett at the Lett Center offers these and other procedures.