With bikini season quickly approaching, the spring is often a time when future beach-goers take a second look at their body and try to make some quick changes. While it has been found by some studies that one-piece bathing suits are becoming more popular, this doesn’t stop some plastic surgeons from noticing a trend in spring-time surgeries.

Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, a New York-based surgeon, explained that in the spring, patients often come in to his practice looking for tummy tucks, liposuction and breast augmentations at rates much higher than other times of the year.

The spring is such a popular time since many patients expect an increase of social activities in the summer, such as weddings, vacations and other parties. To look their best for these future months, as well as allow ample time to recover after the surgery, many patients opt for a springtime procedure. This time of the year usually means less exposure to sun and fewer family responsibilities than having surgery done during the summer.

“When spring arrives, people are ready to feel more vibrant and refreshed,” he said in a press release. “Some might have New Year’s resolutions that they wanted to achieve and complete.”

For women in the Tennessee area looking to become more prepared for the upcoming summer months, the Lett Center offers the formerly mentioned procedures, and many others as well. Dr. Lett is a board-certified plastic surgeon that can help anyone feel better about their body when swimsuit season arrives. Contact us today for more information.