Every year, it seems that there are more restrictions on practices or materials that can cause skin to wrinkle or otherwise age faster. Most recently, gold specks used in some skincare products to cause the loved “glow” have been found to actually stay in the skin cells and cause wrinkles. Now, the Huffington Post released a list of foods that can do the same thing.

Sugar, the article explained, when consumed in excess can cause skin to lose elasticity that most young people have. While some sugar is okay, too much can lead to premature aging. Additionally, artificial sweeteners, which don’t directly cause skin to wrinkle, can often lead sugar cravings. When in doubt, try to keep both sugar and artificial sweeteners to a minimum.

Coffee and alcohol can cause dehydration and make a body appear tired, as well as cause loss of collagen in the skin, making a face look puffy. This goes for salt as well. Too much salt can also dehydrate a body, and make a face look tired and worn out.

Lastly, energy drinks can make teeth look yellow, even more than soda. Though this doesn’t cause damage to the skin, drinking too many energy drinks can age a person as well.

There will likely be more discoveries of what is and isn’t going to make skin more wrinkled or a body look tired. Fortunately, there are ways to turn back time and make skin look younger than ever. With Botox, Dr. Lett of the Lett Center can help patients remove years to their face and reverse the effects of these, and other, foods or products.