We’ve written previously about the increasing number of men turning to plastic surgery for chin, neck or other procedures for more dramatic jaw lines or appealing features. But many men are also turning to skin procedures as well, coining the term “brotox.”

Dr. Michael Wojtanowski, an Ohio plastic surgeon, explained to ABC that he has been doing more non-surgical procedures like Botox® in the past few years, and the number of men asking for these injections has grown exponentially. The amount of men turning to Botox® has tripled since 2001, and Dr. Wojtanowski said about a third of his patients are male, though when he started it was nearly zero. For many, simply the desire to improve their looks has led to this rise in these procedures.

“What I’ve found over 20 years is that my face has weathered and with my diet and exercise I feel youthful, but with Botox I feel and know that [the procedure] smoothes the wrinkles in the skin,” Christopher Zwolinski, a patient, said to the news source. “The cutbacks with children growing and out of the household has allotted some wiggle room in the finances to utilize this, the money, constructively. I feel it’s been put to a good use and the results I am very satisfied with.”

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