Many celebrities that receive plastic surgery tell their fans through social media or other forms of communication, often since they know others will be able to tell the difference in their bodies after the procedure. But what about for those not in the public eye?

Dr. Bryan Mendelson, an Australian plastic surgeon that recently published a book on his work, told the Telegraph that many of his patients don’t tell their friends and family when they go under the knife, not because he or she is worried about approval, but because it’s for the patients themselves. He explained that though for many self-esteem comes from the inside, as women or men age, it’s nice for them to like what they see in the mirror. Many indicated that if they tell a spouse, their loved one will say they love them as they are, even if that isn’t the reason a patient chooses plastic surgery.

“People have surgery not to impress others, they do it to impress themselves,” Dr. Mendelson said to the news source. “For many people, it’s about getting their confidence back.”

Dr. Mendelson also said that most of his patients are middle-aged and are looking to touch up parts of their faces, not necessarily drastically change their appearance, though he does have some younger patients looking for procedures like nose jobs. Once again, he stressed, it’s often for themselves, and not for the other people in their life.

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