During your first consultation, your plastic surgeon will inform you of the benefits and limitations of your desired procedure, and what results you can expect. At this time, it is essential to share details about your life. While the significance of certain habits, such as alcohol consumption and cigarette use, may be a bit more obvious, other aspects like dietary supplements and even your workout routine often don’t leap to mind. However, the best way to ensure a successful procedure that leaves you satisfied is to disclose this information openly and readily.

We’ve already touched on how dietary supplements can affect surgical procedures, but a recent article from the Australian Sydney Herald has also brought workout regimens into the spotlight. According to the news outlet, women who take part in rigorous exercise on a regular basis may find themselves returning to their plastic surgeons for Botox and dermal fillers before their more sedentary counterparts.

“Botox, which lasts around six months in most patients, is lasting around three in personal trainers and elite athletes,” said Australian plastic surgeon Dr. Van Park. “It’s been happening since I started using the products, and is discussed amongst practitioners.”

Though there is no concrete evidence of this effect, it may still be worthwhile to mention your workout routine to your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation. Dr. Lett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in this area and can help you make the best decision to enhance your overall appearance. Contact him at the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today.