The classic show tune “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” from the Broadway musical “Annie” comes to mind as a new plastic surgery trend in South Korea has become a popular topic of internet conversation. According to the Business Insider, the procedure known as “Smile Lipt” is a trending topic on social media site Reddit.

People who are not confident with their smiles have aging or drooping lips and those with asymmetrical mouth corners have opted to go under the knife to turn the corner of their mouths up so it appears that they always have a happy face – even when they are not smiling.

Not only does this look make people seem more approachable in a social setting but it also creates a youthful appearance by lifting up sagging lips. It can also improve your professional life by leaving a lasting impression on employers, co-workers, and clients who will feel that you have a pleasant personality and are easy to work with.

In the U.S. the stigma towards plastic surgery is still lingering in our culture despite many sources that insist it can improve people’s quality of life, like a recent article in TIME pointed out. However, in South Korea where one in five women undergo some sort of operation, surgical alterations have become more of a social norm.

Whether you want to achieve a youthful appearance with a facelift to retain your professional appeal or enhance your figure with a breast augmentation, it is a personal decision that shouldn’t be influenced by any of society’s perceptions. At the Lett Center, we can help you improve your lifestyle with the multitude of procedures our board certified surgeons perform.