Modern medicine has enabled people to overcome numerous life-altering medical issues. Despite being associated with vanity, plastic surgery is one specific procedure that has the ability to improve people’s quality of life as well as their overall health.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported about a 27-year-old, Sarah Simmering who benefited from a plastic surgery procedure to fix a growth on her nose that appeared in college due to a condition known as Rhinophyma.

Her miseries perpetuated as the condition affected her physical and psychological health. Constant bullying made it impossible for her to attend work as a swim instructor for children, and without pay or medical insurance Simmering couldn’t afford to keep up with the traditional treatments.

A plastic surgeon from Southern California heard about Simmering’s misfortune and gave her a new nose for free.

Simmering told the source,  “I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. It has already changed my life so much. Every day is so much easier than it was in the past.”

Before the nose reconstruction, Simmering suffered from sleep apnea and breathing problems as well as emotional distress. The procedure proved to be successful for Simmering as she began to rebuild her life and return to work as a swim instructor.

Although this is a rare case, there are many ways that lives can be improved with plastic surgery. If you have a medical condition that is impairing your happiness and well being, consider consulting with a certified plastic surgeon who can help you decide the best way to deal with the problem. At the Lett Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Lett and his team provide their patients with quality care for their surgical needs.