When we read new stories about celebrities who may have gone under the knife, it’s rare for this information to be presented in a positive light. More often than not, the tabloids heap criticism on these famous faces and even rope plastic surgeons in to critique the work they’ve had done. While everyone has the right to invest in cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance – and celebrities in particular have more cause to do so than most – it’s true that some stars and starlets have gone a bit overboard.

Recent Celebrity Mishaps

Recently, Starpulse published a list of celebrities who have expressed misgivings about the nips and tucks they’ve undergone. One such public figure is Heidi Montag, formerly of “The Hills,” who has become better known for her cosmetic enhancements and financial woes than anything else.

“I would love to not be ‘plastic girl’ or whatever they call me,” the drastically altered blonde bombshell has said of the 10-plus surgeries, including multiple breast augmentations, that she has undergone.

In Montag’s case, the source notes that the Colorado native invested in a flurry of surgical procedures in 2009 with less than extraordinary results. Despite the issues with her procedures, Montag entrusted the same plastic surgeon to address her concerns and has ultimately been left with a Barbie girl figure that ultimately isn’t relatable.

Why A Board-Certified Surgeon is Important

While it’s unlikely that many women in Tennessee have the budget to splurge on one cosmetic procedure after another, Heidi Montag’s experiences can still be taken as a cautionary tale. A good plastic surgeon will ultimately have your best interests at heart, and is in fact obligated to step in if your desire to go under the knife seems unhealthy in any respect. Call the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lett, a board-certified plastic surgeon who will put your well-being above all else.