Fall plastic surgerySkincare maintenance such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Botox, and dermal fillers can be scheduled across all seasons. However, certain cosmetic procedures should be avoided in the summer months due to increased heat and UV exposure. For instance, skin that is healing from a laser treatment and not adequately protected from UV exposure could result in scarring and pigmentation problems.

With summer quickly coming to a close, it’s time to think ahead and start scheduling fall and winter procedures!

Here is a list of treatments to consider.

Laser Resurfacing with QuadraLASE

This is a great treatment to help undo the sun damage you might have accumulated over the past couple of months.

QuadraLase, is the newest fractional laser system available for successful minimally ablative laser skin resurfacing. The QuadraLASE system combines the performance of a CO₂ laser with an innovative scanning system which gives practitioners a complete solution for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. Whether practitioners are treating wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, sun damage, acne scarring, unwanted skin tags, benign pigmented lesions, or any other facial skin ailment, the QuadraLASE can provide safe, effective results.

The fractionated nature of the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser allows the laser energy to affect only a fraction of the skin instead of its entire surface, thus speeding up recovery time and enhancing the results. The results of the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser are practically immediate: scars are smoothed out and wrinkles and spots are significantly diminished several days after treatment.

Advice: plan for some post-treatment healing time.
Individuals may experience a slight sunburned feeling with peeling skin but are fully recovered after about four or five days. A good idea is to schedule QuadraLASE on a Friday so the worst of the healing process is over before Monday.

Laser Hair Removal

Let’s be honest, you’ve already shaved months off your life (literally) just by shaving. Enough already! Laser the hair off and live a happier, smoother life with more free time!

Laser hair removal should be scheduled around the end of fall/winter/early spring time-frame for two reasons. First, it’s best for your tan to be faded because the more contrast there is between a dark hair follicle and a paler skin tone, the easier it is for the laser to target the root of your hairs with more accuracy. And second, like mentioned above, freshly zapped skin needs to be kept out of the sun for weeks to achieve optimal results.

Leg Vein Removal with Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for people wanting to address spider vein surface vessels (as opposed to larger varicose veins) due to aesthetic concerns. It’s also another treatment that works best when your hard earned tan has faded, and will require you to keep your legs out of the sun for several weeks.

Sclerotherapy works well because the leg veins are an intra-connected system, where larger vessels feed into the smaller vessels that you see and are bothered by at the surface of your skin. Sclerotherapy takes advantage of that network because when you inject into a small vessel, you reverse into the feeding, larger vessel. Meaning, you can treat a network of vessels with fewer injections.

Advice: this is not a painless procedure, so be sure to talk to your doctor about pain management before you go in for treatment. In addition, you’ll want to clear your workout schedule the week following treatment because, while you can resume normal daily activities right away, Sclerotherapy patients are to refrain from vigorous activities and excessive standing for at least one week post treatment.


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