facialEver since we started offering the Lumisque Co2LIFT mask, it has been an instant hit with patients, and for good reason. Since then we’ve received several phone calls and inquiries about the anti-aging treatment, so we decided to lay out all the facts and details about the new favorite facial treatment.

What is Co2LIFT, and why should you try it?
The Co2LIFT is a medical-grade treatment from Japan designed for the face, eyes and neck. This treatment was created for the sole purpose of rejuvenating aging skin without the use of machines, aggressive peels, injections, and cosmetic surgery. It is even gentle enough for the most sensitive areas around the eyes, where most signs of aging occur.
Even better, this mask works wonders without the PAIN, DOWNTIME or DISCOMFORT of competing treatments.

Who can use Co2LIFT?
Co2LIFT is GENTLE and SAFE enough for those with sensitive skin and recommended for both men and women of all ages. Co2LIFT can be used as an enhancement for post laser treatments or simply on its own to maintain your skin’s desired appearance.

How does the Co2LIFT mask work?
Lumisque introduces a unique technology that is simple in nature, which incorporates balanced and specific components to promote the proper penetration of carbon-dioxide through the epidermal layer of your skin. The treatment will then naturally stimulate the oxygen molecules in your body to be delivered directly to the skin on your face and neck that is being treated.
1. Vasodilation
The addition of carbon-dioxide being delivered into your blood stream will promote the occurance of vasodilation (dilatation of blood vessels). As a result, this will increase the metabolism efficiency of your cells and improve the discharge of waste from your skin.
2. Anti-inflammination
The improvement in discharge of waste from your skin will reduce the inflammation which is a usual cause of such skin problems including acne, dryness and water-retention. With the increased oxygen delivery to the skin being treated, the treated area will effectively fight off several forms of bacteria that attacks your skin on a daily basis.
3. Blood Circulation
When carbon-dioxide gets absorbed into your blood stream, it will produce dioxide. This in turn improves your blood circulation, which is an important aspect of your body’s sweat function and health. As a result, your skin will have an overall improvement in health and radiance.

Results of the Co2LIFT
With the improvement of blood circulation and the efficient discharge of waste from your skin, you will experience an overall brightness and radiance to your face and neck. In addition, those with freckles and brown spots will also experience improvement in lightness to their skin tone.

*Elasticity and firmness
Carbon dioxide promotes the activity of protein synthesis and as a result this directly improves the elasticity and firmness of your skin, improves your collagen production, reduces your fine lines and wrinkles, and overall improves the texture and smoothness of your skin.
*Acne care
With the improvement in anti-inflammation, blood circulation, and balance in skin moisture and cell membranes, your skin will experience less occurrence of acne and an improved appearance of those with post acne scaring.

Ready to see what all the fuss is about?
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