While few can deny that motherhood is a rewarding experience, pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on your body. Fortunately, most of the changes, such as extra weight gain, will resolve themselves after you get back into your regular diet and exercise routine. For some women, however, a stubborn paunch or sagging breasts will remain no matter what they try to do. Targeted plastic surgery can provide a solution.

In order to make an informed decision about having plastic surgery after giving birth, you should first understand how and why you body undergoes major changes. To ensure that you have enough energy for yourself and the fetus, extra weight is stored in different areas of the body. Your breasts also get larger in response to hormonal changes, weight gain and the need to breastfeed.

To improve the abdominal area, plastic surgeons often perform a tummy tuck in conjunction with liposuction together to tone and sculpt this region. Liposuction removes excess fat cells, while a tummy tuck repairs damaged and separated muscles and removes excess skin to create a smooth, firm look.

Post-pregnancy breasts often look stretched out and deflated, especially after you have finished breastfeeding. A breast lift can usually get this area looking the way it did before you had a baby. Your plastic surgeon may also recommend that you get a breast lift and augmentation to improve the volume.

If you’re longing for your pre-baby body, you should first reach out to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact The Lett Center today to learn how a nip and tuck can get you looking your best.