Wrinkles are an annoying part of the aging process. You may feel young and healthy on the inside, but those pesky fine lines and crow’s feet around your eyes can give your age away. So how do you make them less visible or get rid of them altogether? We suggest that you check out the following tips:

  • Get spa treatments – Getting regular facials and other non-invasive procedures can keep your skin looking fresh. Its also a fun way to relax for an hour or two.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle – This goes without saying, but eating right and exercising are essential for keeping your body strong. Eating good fats (like those found in fish) and drinking plenty of water can help your face look supple. You should also avoid using any tobacco products.
  • Research minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures – Doing everything right will only get you so far when it comes to wrinkles. If you want to keep lines and wrinkles in check, consider consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn how you could benefit from procedures like Botox injections or chemical peels. Botox was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of crow’s feet.
  • Wear sunscreen – Not only does sun damage cause wrinkling, it could also lead to skin cancer. Whenever you’re outside, you should apply plenty of sunscreen to your body — even in the winter.

It’s time to stop stressing out about your fine lines and wrinkles and do something about them instead. Contact the experienced staff at The Lett Center today to learn more.