The decisions we make about how we look, from the clothes we wear to the makeup we select, all contribute to our overall self-confidence. With that in mind – though plastic surgery should not be taken as lightly as a new dress or lipstick – it’s possible to see various nips and tucks as an extension of these choices. Pairing a smoldering eye shadow with a few Botox treatments, for example, can give you a striking appearance that really puts your Baby Blues, and nothing else, on show. That’s exactly the attitude that one New York plastic surgeon has taken.

According to the New York Daily News, plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir is putting his best cosmetic work on show at New York Fashion week. Some of Dr. Kassir’s past patients will reportedly be hitting the runway to show off Kassir’s mastery with the scalpel.

“Today plastic surgeons are Renaissance artists,” he told the news outlet. “Patients are our easel.”

Some of the most transformative work Dr. Kassir has to show are the nose jobs and neck lifts that have truly transformed the profiles of his patients. This year’s show will be focused on facial procedures, though the plastic surgeon said he hopes to incorporate body work in future shows.

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