We hear a lot about breast augmentation surgery, but for many women in Tennessee, the idea of enlarging their chest is downright laughable. In fact, some of these ladies may even be interested in reducing the size of their assets due to the discomfort they cause on a regular basis.

That was the case for Queen Latifah, who is set to host her own daytime talk show starting on September 16. Back in 2003, the endlessly charismatic star of “Beauty Shop” and “Last Holiday” decided to undergo breast reduction surgery after losing a substantial amount of weight.

After working hard to shed 25 pounds, Latifah told People magazine in 2007 that her chest stayed the same size. “I was still carrying that load,’ she said.

In Queen Latifah’s case, her chest had also caused years of back and shoulder strain, so the reduction came as a welcome relief. She reportedly dropped from an E or F cup to a more manageable but still curvaceous DD. Though she confessed that she wouldn’t mind having a bit more up top, the change has ultimately been a positive one.

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