There are plenty of news stories about how plastic surgery has changed adults' lives for the better, but the truth is that cosmetic procedures can profoundly change teenagers' lives as well. According to People Magazine, one South Carolina teenager who had suffered months of being bullied because of her appearance recently underwent plastic surgery to help her feel more confident about her looks. 

The source reports that 15-year-old Renata was bullied so badly by her peers that she asked her mother to homeschool her. After withdrawing from public school and seeing a therapist, the teen continued to struggle with her appearance and her peers' nasty comments. Renata ultimately reached a "breaking point," at which point her mother decided to help her apply to The Little Baby Face Foundation, a nonprofit that provides free plastic surgery for children with birth deformities. 

The organization's medical board determined that Renata had "mild to moderate hemi-facial microsomia," and approved her case. Now, after undergoing the cosmetic procedures, Renata is back at school, where she has joined the basketball team and is having a much better experience overall. 

"It is definitely different," Renata told the source. "I haven't had any problems after surgery and no one is saying anything negative about me. The whole thing has been better."

This is just one example of the positive effects that plastic surgery can have on people's lives. If you're thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure done, there are board certified plastic surgeons in Nashville who can help you feel more confident about your appearance. Contact The Lett Center to learn more.