There’s been a lot talk in beauty magazines and on television touting the benefits of facial exercises. Numerous books and videos claim that strategic pouting or other facial manipulation can provide the same benefits of a Botox injection or facelift. But does any of this actually work?

To answer this question, a group of researchers reviewed nine studies that measured the effect on a patient’s looks. Although they found no negative outcomes, the scientists could not determine if activities like “facial yoga” provided any sort of benefit either.

“This is the first systematic review to look at the effectiveness of facial exercises for facial rejuvenation, and shows that we are really lacking evidence when it comes to the claims that facial exercises can rejuvenate the face,” said Dr. Foad Nahai in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal.

He also noted that the previous studies performed did not include enough subjects, nor did they compare the various types of exercises. There was also no objective party that determined whether or not the subjects looked better. The patients simply judged themselves.

The jury is still out on whether lots of pouting and frowning in the mirror can make you look younger. Folks who are interested in these activities may want to keep in mind that the overuse of facial muscles may actually cause wrinkles.

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