Few can deny that losing a few pounds – either through bariatric surgery or traditional diet and exercise – is a good thing. Maintaining a healthy weight can lessen one’s risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes and makes it possible to have a more active lifestyle. One downside to major weight loss, however, is the excess skin that is left behind. Sagging skin around the arms and abdomen can be just as emotionally damaging as excess weight because it can make a person feel extremely self conscious. In situations like these, plastic surgery is really the only viable solution.

“There’s only so much that the extra skin can contract,” said Dr. Richard Sadove, a Gainsville, Florida, plastic surgeon to local ABC affiliate WCJB. “So these are people that have the extra skin and no matter how much weight they lose, they’re still going to have that extra skin. And the only option available to them is to have that extra skin removed.”

While removing extra skin of course makes a patient look better, the body lift also serves a medical purpose. Folds of skin can cause rashes, excessive sweating and reduces mobility.

Dr. Sadove told the source that the most common procedure he performs is the tummy tuck. The procedure only lasts for a few hours, and his patients say that they can see and feel the results within a matter of days.

If you have made the effort to lose weight, the hard work is already done. If your interested in finishing the job by getting rid of that pesky excess skin, contact The Lett Center today.