We all have people we idolize, whether they’re celebrities, historical figures, or even fictional characters. These individuals can inspire us in our careers, or how we interact with others and can even affect how we present ourselves. How many women in Tennessee have tried out some of the outrageous styles from “Sex and the City,” for example? Or have styled their hair a certain way to resemble a famous country singer?

Now that plastic surgery has become a more appealing and attainable option for men and women across the state, a growing number of people are opting for cosmetic enhancements to more closely resemble their personal heroes. For instance, we discussed one young man – Nicholas Ryan – who felt manlier and more rugged with Ryan Gosling’s chiseled jawline.

This week The Daily Beast covered another individual who went a step further, opting for plastic surgery to essentially become the character he looked up to all his life. According to the media outlet, 34-year-old Herbert Chavez of Calamba in the Philippines has loved Superman since he was a toddler. Chavez explained that he had always been captivated by the hero’s dedication to helping others and fighting for the common good.

“Everybody can be Superman because true heroics come from your heart to help, to serve, and to give happiness,” he told the publication.

As well as modeling his actions after the classic American hero, Chavez decided that he wanted to physically transform himself into the character – in part to inspire others around him. Chavez has undergone multiple procedures including rhinoplasty and chin implants, and has modeled his appearance on the late Christopher Reeve.

Though Chavez has certainly taken his passion to an extreme, he is far from alone in taking inspiration from a famous face. If you have always coveted a certain facial feature of a public figure, contact Dr. Lett and his attentive staff at the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today.