No one garnered more applause at the 2014 CMT Awards than country music darling Miranda Lambert, who flaunted her amazing weight loss in a figure-flattering sparkly dress. The 30-year-old, 5’4″ singer and wife of fellow superstar Blake Shelton says so far she’s lost 45 pounds. The star proved that looking good, feeling great and accomplishing amazing things go hand in hand, as she took home the CMT Award for Female Video of the Year.

According to FOX News, Lambert lost weight by exercising more and eating less. She reportedly drinks pressed juice in the mornings and has cut her caloric intake by about half. Her exercise regime includes cardio workouts and weight and resistance training. She told Billboard Magazine last month that as a woman who just turned 30 she is simply trying to get ahead of the aging curve by looking her best here and now.

Lambert said she didn’t always think she needed to lose weight, until she started getting sponsorship offers from weight loss companies that wanted her to slim down.

“I’d think, ‘But I’m not obese. I’m only a size 8. I really don’t even need to lose 40 pounds,'” she told Women’s Health Magazine. “I thought I only needed to lose like 15, but now that you mention it, dang, I do look kind of bad!”

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