There are few features more appealing in a woman than a pair of plump and kissable lips. Just look at Angelina Jolie. The actress is probably more widely known for this asset than most of her film roles, not to mention her humanitarian work abroad. Do you often find yourself pouting in photos to make up for a lack of volume in this area? If so, the beauty experts at InStyle Magazine have a few tips to make the infamous “duck face” pose a thing of the past, featured in this month’s print edition. One of which involves contacting your Nashville plastic surgeon.

The Frisky, an online media outlet, recently covered this health and beauty feature specifically because, alongside suggestions about the most flattering shades of lip gloss, the feature also recommended looking into dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to counter the natural volume loss that occurs as we age.  Though The Frisky’s Winona Dimeo-Ediger initially balked at the idea of listing surgical procedures – even non-invasive ones – alongside conventional cosmetics – she did eventually concede that the inclusion had some merit.

“As much as I loathe this [pressure to alter your appearance in] the fashion world, in this respect InStyle’s choice to include surgical procedures in their beauty section could be seen as a refreshingly honest move. The fact is, if you truly want to change the shape of your lips, no lip balm/gloss combo is going to give you your desired results,” Dimeo-Ediger stated.

If you’ve always had naturally thin lips, or have noticed this facial feature losing its oomph over the years, you’ve probably tried all manner of cosmetic wizardry to create the illusion of fullness. Contact Dr. Lett and his attentive staff at the Lett Center today to discuss non-invasive treatments that may finally yield the look you want.