It’s an unfortunate fact that not all Tennessee plastic surgeons are created equal. Whether they’ve opted for a surgeon who wasn’t board-certified, or were left with a cosmetic enhancement that they just weren’t happy with after the fact, some women in Nashville may find themselves investing in corrective plastic surgery to remedy a previous procedure.

Such was the case for the reality TV star Farrah Abraham, who first came to fame on MTV’s “Sixteen and Pregnant” and has since continued to make headlines for some of her dubious life decisions. The single mom has undergone several cosmetic procedures including breast implants and rhinoplasty. However, it seems there was one enhancement she could have gone without.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Abraham recently enlisted a plastic surgeon to remove a chin implant.

“We had been emailing back and forth that she was uncomfortable with the size of the chin. It was the smallest implant they make, so she just wanted it out,” her cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, confirmed to the celebrity media outlet Radar.

The point of any plastic surgery procedure is to help you feel more comfortable and confident with the way you look, so if you are unhappy with the results of a nose job, breast augmentation or tummy tuck, it is entirely your right to consult a Tennessee plastic surgeon about your concerns. Dr. Lett is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has helped countless women in the community improve their appearance through surgical and non-invasive means. Contact the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today to learn more.