As the perceived stigma surrounding plastic surgery continues to fade, more and more women in Tennessee are turning to various nips and tucks to turn back the clock and ultimately make them feel good as they age. With the number of cosmetic procedures rising precipitously from year to year, these surgeries have continually sparked the interest of medical researchers interested in calculating just how transformative they really are. Previously on this blog, we reported that the vast majority of women who undergo breast augmentation are happy with the results – as long as they started out with realistic expectations. Now, new research has aimed to get an outsider’s perspective of the impact of plastic surgery.

According to reports, JAMA Facial Plastic surgery released a report last week on the age-defying ability of plastic surgery. 50 individuals were recruited to look at either pre- or post-op images of 49 plastic surgery recipients, all of whom had received either eyelid surgery or browlifts. The reviewers were instructed to reveal how old they thought each person was. On average, these procedures shaved off about three years from each individual’s actual age.

“This is not the final word on the subject, but certainly I think you can take away from this that if you’re looking to have aesthetic facial surgery to look younger, we’ve shown that you will,” said New York plastic surgeon and lead author Dr. Joshua Zimm in an interview with HealthDay.

Whether you are impressed or disappointed by this finding, it’s important to keep one thing in mind. Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery isn’t necessarily about pleasing other people – it is about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. To learn more about how these procedures can help boost your confidence, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lett and his attentive staff at the Lett Center in Tennessee today.