Skin Care Is Especially Important After Pregnancy

Once news broke that the royal baby, George Alexander Louis, had finally arrived, it sparked a frenzy of excitement, not just in the United Kingdom but around the world. Reporters who had camped outside the hospital for weeks eagerly anticipated the moment when Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge would emerge with their new bundle of joy.

When the Windsors finally made their first public appearance after the birth, Kate Middleton looked as flawless as ever – no doubt with the help of a celebrity stylist. But, as the weeks go on, the Duchess will likely be photographed again and again, so what steps is she taking to look her best post-baby?

According to the Telegraph, a U.K. news outlet, Middleton is turning to a surprising new ingredient: seaweed. The Duchess has been selected as one of the first few to receive a bottle Lancome’s hotly anticipated Dreamtone serum.

Middleton wasn’t the only high-profile recipient of this cream. The U.K. Daily Star reports that world-famous fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker also snagged a bottle, as well as several magazine editors.

The sea-vegetable based product is said to even complexion and brighten the skin, and can even help address the dark freckles that many women develop after pregnancy, known as melasma.

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