If you’re interested in making a change to your appearance, but don’t have time for an extensive plastic surgery recovery period, a noninvasive procedure could be perfect for you. There are many available that will enhance the features of the face. A peel can eliminate unsightly areas in order to create a more desirable look overall. A chemical peel can be a great option to refresh your look!

A chemical peel is an aesthetic procedure used to achieve a better skin tone. There are many reasons why a patient may consider having this done including:

  • Correcting age spots and pigmentation problems
  • Improving sun-damaged skin
  • Lightening scars, especially those caused by acne
  • Reducing facial wrinkles and lines
  • Treating precancerous skin lesions

By using a type of chemical solution chosen carefully in order to treat your specific needs and desires, the outer layers of the skin are removed. In doing so, the body is prompted to create a new layer of skin cells, ones that are not affected by the same skin conditions as before.

What Happens During a Chemical Peel?

If you are interested in a chemical peel, it’s important to keep in mind that any active skin diseases affecting the area, such as an infection or acne breakout must be under control in order to maximize the effect.

During the procedure, the skin is cleansed of all oils and a solution is then applied. This will remain on the skin for a short amount of time in order to successfully remove the damaged layers of skin. During this time, the skin will turn white, akin to a frost-like effect. It is then neutralized and cleaned and a healing ointment is then applied to the skin.

As with any surgery, invasive or noninvasive, following postoperative instructions is key. Put your best face forward with a chemical peel today, 25 percent off for the remaining month of October!