If you want to get some work done before the holidays, good news. There are various minimally invasive procedures available to you. These procedures use special tools and smaller incisions. This means less recovery time, less post-surgical pain, and even lower health care costs for you.

So what could you get done right now as a gift to yourself before Christmas? There are more things you can do than you might think. Here are some options to consider.



This procedure takes off a very small layer of your skin to force it to heal with younger, healthier skin. How is this done? It uses tiny crystals that are blown against your skin and sucked up using a special device. Think of it as an extreme exfoliation. This procedure has been called the “instant facelift” because the healed skin often grows back stronger and tighter! This procedure is also used to help remove stubborn blackheads.

After this procedure, your skin may be pink and a little tender for about 24 hours, but you’ll be back to normal soon after. However, you may need to avoid sunlight and some cosmetics while you heal.



For fixes in small areas, you can get several different kinds of injections. Collagen injections smooth wrinkles by puffing up the skin. Hyaluronic acid injections are a similar treatment. Both of these substances are found naturally in the skin, so any recovery time is minimal. There are also many other “volumizing” injection products that help your body create puffier skin to remove wrinkles.

Going the other direction, the famous Botox injection causes your skin to tighten up. This is mostly used to remove fine lines and crows feet around the eyes, but there are many other uses for Botox both in cosmetic surgery and outside of it.


Facial Procedures

 A full facelift can require significant recovery time. But there are facial procedures that target just one small section of the face, like eyelifts, chin lifts, neck lifts, and the like. Depending on what you want done and the condition of your skin, these may be possible to complete before Christmas arrives.


Body Shaping Procedures

Finally, there are several body shaping procedures, such as liposuction, that have minimal recovery times. However, this will depend on your body composition and the amount of work that you want done to improve your shape. If you need a lot of work done or have had work done in the past, you could still be in recovery during the holidays.


Skin Care Products

Sometimes the easiest ways are the best ways. What you might need is not a facelift, but a good regimen of skin care. There are plenty of products for rejuvenating damaged skin. Your surgeon can recommend quality products that will help you look much younger.


If you want a procedure to give yourself the gift of youth before Christmas, now is the time to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation and see which procedures are right for you.