Excess Skin After Weight Loss Surgery? Consider Body Contouring

Individuals who suffer from obesity need to lose weight to stay happy and healthy. Weight loss surgery can help you lose weight quickly, however, excessive weight loss may trigger unexpected issues, such as a large volume of extra skin. This problem is one that can easily be solved with the use of high-quality body contouring techniques.

Weight Loss Leaves Excess Skin

When individuals gain a significant amount of weight, their skin naturally stretches to accommodate the extra fat. Unfortunately, once stretched, skin cannot go back to its normal size. This problem isn’t an issue if an individual never loses the excess weight or if their weight gain was minor enough to cause minimal skin stretching throughout the body.
However, excessive weight gain can stretch the skin past the point of no return. So when a person who suffers from obesity loses all that extra weight, they may find that a large volume of skin is dangling off of their body in various areas. This excess skin may be embarrassing and unsightly, which is when plastic surgery techniques like body contouring help.

Body Contouring Can Help

Body contouring — also known as body lift surgery — eliminates excessive skin after a person experiences weight loss. During this surgery, the surgeon makes cuts near the excessive flesh and carefully removes these extra patches. Once this skin is removed, the surgeon then connects the areas around the removed skin to create a smoother and tighter appearance.
This improved appearance will help a person feel better about themselves and minimize any adverse emotional problems associated with weight loss. Even better, the results of this surgery are permanent, though another period of weight gain will once again stretch the skin. And multiple areas of the body can be lifted, which allows an individual to either focus on a single area or get a full-body lift.

You Can Choose From Several Types of Contouring

Individuals interested in body contouring can choose from many different procedures. For example, a tummy tuck will remove the excess skin around the stomach and improve its appearance. Other parts of the body — including the arms, legs, face, breast, thighs, and buttocks — respond well to contouring techniques and keep a body looking healthy after weight loss.
However, anyone considering these surgical methods needs to understand potential risks. Though body contouring is very safe, it causes scarring. Excessive scar tissue occurs around the surgical site and may take a long time to heal. In some instances, plastic surgery may be used to remove scar tissue from these areas.

Recovery Times Vary

Body contouring is a straightforward procedure that typically requires brief recovery periods. Recovery length varies depending on the severity of the procedure. For example, a large tummy tuck may require a few weeks of recovery, while a single arm contour may only need a week or so. In some instances, individuals may exercise in as little as one month after surgery.
However, extensive plastic surgery may require short inpatient stays to track an individual’s recovery. During this period, the doctor may install small drains to alleviate swelling and discomfort. And individuals who undergo more extensive surgery — including a full-body contouring procedure — may be unable to exercise or even work for over six weeks after their surgery.

Plastic Surgery Improves an Individual’s Appearance

Though body contouring may require a short recovery period, the results typically speak for themselves. So if you recently lost a lot of weight and want to get rid of excess skin anywhere on your body, contact us at The Lett Center right away. Our professionals will examine your case and come up with a contouring solution that works for you.