Previously on this blog, we wrote about different ways you can add coconut oil to your beauty routine. However, this tropical fruit isn’t the only food that can contribute to your overall appearance. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some simple food tips that will help you get and maintain glowing skin:

  • Drink green tea – Green tea yields numerous health benefits. In addition to helping with oral health, diabetes and heart disease, it can also reduce the risk of skin cancer and alleviate some of the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – “We know that fruits and vegetables are important for good health, yet the majority of us don’t get enough,” states Yahoo! Shine. “Fruits and vegetables […] are high in many important nutrients, phytochemicals, fiber and antioxidants that make them superior for promoting healthy skin.”
  • Eliminate dairy products – Dairy has been linked with a number of different health conditions, and one of them is acne. A study conducted among 47,000 nurses revealed that those who drank a lot of milk when they were teenagers were more likely to suffer from acne. Surprisingly, it was skim milk that led to the highest risk of developing this skin condition.

While there are plenty of natural ways to improve your appearance, there are times when something stronger is required to obtain the look you’re going for. At The Lett Center, we offer different types of facial peels that can rejuvenate your skin just in time for spring and summer. Call us today to learn more about these procedures or to schedule an appointment.