Jessica Chastain is an increasingly successful and high-profile movie star, so it’s little wonder that a picture of her as a teen has a lot of people asking: Did she get a nose job?

Jessica posted the high school portrait of herself on Instagram, with the caption “#fbf highschool yearbook pic!” The hashtag stands for “Flashback Friday,” when social media users post old photos as a way of reminiscing about the past. But fans wondered if this was also a flashback to a time before the star had rhinoplasty, as the bridge of her nose then appears significantly wider than it does now.

Of course, Jessica may or may not have actually had surgery. As we all know, photos, and especially old photos, can be somewhat misleading, depending on factors like lighting, make-up, and even hairstyle. Whether or not she did get a nose job, Chastain is undeniably one of the great beauties of our time. One thing is for sure — the nose that she boasts now is lovely, perfectly complementing her striking yet feminine features. In fact, Entertainment Tonight (ET) reports that it even helped her land one of her biggest roles, in the 2013 horror movie “Mama.”

“Jessica explains that when she was first cast, she wanted to know specifically why director Andy Muschietti chose her as opposed to her being forced on him by studio execs,” says ET. “With a hearty laugh, she says he replied, ‘I want to film your nose  … I love your nose. I want to film your nose.'”

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