A recent article on Yahoo! Lifestyle speculates about Catherine Zeta-Jones’ beauty routine, suggesting that the stunning 45-year-old actress may use non-invasive procedures to keep her beautiful face looking young and healthy. In fact, pictures from 2011 show her skin looking significantly older, with more fine lines and wrinkles, than it did at this year’s Golden Globes. Here are some treatments Yahoo! believes that Zeta-Jones may have used to improve her appearance:

Botox: The celebrity has no lines in her forehead, possibly thanks to regular Botox injections. Botox is perfect for easing deep wrinkles and furrows in the brow area, resulting in a smooth visage.

Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers help skin look full, youthful and healthy, by restoring volume that is naturally lost with age. They can keep you from looking haggard, while also adding definition and making your cheekbones look higher.

Laser skin resurfacing: Perhaps the most noticeable difference in Zeta-Jones’ face since 2011 is the texture of her skin. While, several years ago, it looked somewhat rough and tired, it now appears smooth and glowing. Yahoo! speculates that the difference may be thanks to laser skin and chemical peels, which remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production.

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