As cosmetic procedures become more mainstream, it’s not uncommon to hear celebrities speak candidly about their opinions on plastic surgery. While many say that they wouldn’t be interested in a cosmetic procedure, an increasing number are bucking the trend and saying that they wouldn’t rule out a dermal injection or a more permanent option like a facelift or breast surgery.

During an interview with Miami’s Y100 radio, singer Demi Lovato was asked to give her thoughts about plastic surgery. Specifically, she was asked if she thought any specific celebrity needed to have a cosmetic procedure.

In a show of class, the “X-Factor” judge initially refused to answer the question, but then turned it on herself, saying:

“I shouldn’t even think this. It should be me! I should get a boob job. They’re like mosquito bites.”

All jokes aside, Lovato made the right decision about choosing not to judge others’ needs for plastic surgery. The decision to have a cosmetic procedure – whether it’s a Botox injection or breast augmentation – should be taken seriously. The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is to give the patient the look that he or she desires, so the opinion of others should not be the basis of a major medical decision.

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