“Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks is known for her curvy figure, which makes men swoon and women envious. She has been praised for her curves and has even been dubbed “the new Marilyn Monroe.” In 2010, she was named “Sexiest Woman in the World” by Esquire magazine, and she has frequently been included on lists of the world’s most beautiful women.

However, new reports have surfaced that her body may not be as natural as individuals have thought. Plastic surgeons have speculated that she has gone under the knife.

Christina’s Possible Breast Augmentation

She was part of a photoshoot for Playboy in 1999 and 14 years ago, the red-headed beauty looked much less busty than she does now. In fact, it’s quite possible that she went from a size A to a size DD. On “Mad Men,” Hendricks is considered one of the sexiest characters on the show, and much of that has to do with her voluptuous figure.

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Nose Job Speculation

Some say that the 37-year-old actress has also undergone rhinoplasty or a nose job. Looking at that Playboy poster she was on in 1999, it’s easy to tell that her facial appearance has been enhanced. Her nose seemed to be larger and wider than the petit size it is now, specifically thanks to a straighter nasal bridge. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who works in Miami, declared that Hendricks’ nose looks more refined and narrowed.

Hendricks has neither confirmed nor denied that she has had any surgery.

If she has gone under the knife, it’s likely that few would argue that she looks gorgeous.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation and Nose Jobs

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