Career Benefits of Getting Plastic Surgery

Even though cosmetic enhancements are becoming more common every year, one of the of the greatest misconceptions about plastic surgery still remains: that breast lifts, tummy tucks and other procedures are all about vanity. In fact, there a many reasons why women in Tennessee may be tempted to invest more in their appearance, most of which have more to do with self-improvement and empowerment.

Recently, Marketing expert Bob London touched on how getting work done may be a mode of professional advancement. In his regular “Drivetime Marketing” segment for Washington Business Journal, London speculates that people may be opting for various nips and tucks as a way to enhance their “personal brand.”

“[Your body] is the most visible part of your, of your brand if you will,” said London.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of social media, personal appearance and professional image are more closely linked than ever. Studies have shown that a growing number of men and women – particularly those who are in the public eye a lot because of their jobs – are going under the knife each year precisely because they know their photos could end up anywhere.

Whether or not your appearance ultimately impacts your professional success, it’s undeniable that your confidence will do so. If you’re self-conscious about the way you look and believe that a cosmetic procedure, be it a tummy tuck or a round of Botox treatments, could help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, contact the Lett Center in Lebanon Tennessee today to discuss your options.