Most women in Tennessee know the benefits of Botox treatments for a more youthful appearance and may have even heard that it can combat excessive sweating or help treat urinary incontinence. Now, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have unveiled yet another surprising application for these cosmetic enhancements that may be of interest.

According to a press release distributed by ScienceDaily, a team of researchers has discovered that Botox could potentially be used to facilitate weight loss efforts by helping people feel more satiated after a meal. Using an animal model, the scientists observed the effects of injecting Botox into a specific nerve in the stomach to see if the paralysis would alter their appetite.

“Paralyzing the [vagus nerve with Botox] paralyzes muscles in the stomach, which appears to slow the passage of food through the stomach. This effect might one day lead to treatments that cause people to feel fuller for longer,” the source states.

Time will tell if Botox injections will be offered alongside liposuction and tummy tucks to help newly slim patients keep the weight off, but this discovery could certainly lead to some intriguing new approaches in cosmetic surgery.

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