While they may seem like radically different professions at first, there is actually a lot of overlap between architects and plastic surgeons on a conceptual level. After all, both have to consider aesthetics as well as function, thereby combining an artistic sensibility with the practical skills required to get the job done. Even so, a recent ad released by a Chinese cosmetic surgeon that makes just this connection has spurred a surprising amount of buzz.

New York Magazine covered the ad, which compares the bridge of the nose to the curvature of the Eiffel Tower. In a piece titled “Monuments Replace Celebrities as Plastic Surgery Inspiration,” the source notes that this enterprising surgeon promised clients a new nose “that conforms to the proportions of France’s national treasure, boasting an ultra-scientific nose-to-face angle of 85 degrees.”

An understanding of aesthetic ratios is certainly a must for any board-certified plastic surgeon, since this can ensure that your cosmetically enhanced features create the most alluring overall appearance – particularly if you’re undergoing multiple procedures. Time will tell if the so-called “Eiffel Nose” is a plastic surgery trend that is here to stay, but it does at least highlight this complex and often underappreciated element of a plastic surgeon’s expertise.

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