Previously on this blog, we’ve talked about mother-daughter duos and close friends who decided to go under-the-knife together for some much needed emotional support. But, would you ever consider getting plastic surgery with your significant other? According to a recent report from the Sun-Sentinel in Florida, that is exactly what some couples have started doing.

“Though more extensive operations are performed days or weeks apart for safety and convenience, a number of couples are opting to have minimally invasive injections done in the same appointment,” the source reports.

So, what exactly is driving this desire for his-and-hers cosmetic treatments? In many cases, getting plastic surgery can be seen as an incredible bonding experience, as you and your loved one care for each other throughout the recovery period. In addition to this support, you can also relate to one another as you begin to reap the benefits of your chosen procedure for your self-confidence and even your sex life.

Who better to share this experience with, after all, than the person you care about the most? Whether you and your loved one are interested in minor enhancements like Botox or dermal fillers, or have had your eyes on more comprehensive surgeries like tummy tucks, breast implants or full-blown Mommy and Daddy Makeovers, why not take on this next challenge together?

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