These days, it seems like everybody is constantly taking pictures of themselves, otherwise known as “selfies.” These pictures– while they might have seemed self-obsessed at the beginning of the trend–are now a palpable part of our everyday culture. Individuals walking around with cameras in their pockets all day have given rise to this phenomenon, as at any moment a smartphone can be pulled out and aimed either at ourselves or another person. While taking a selfie is mostly just fun, some people have a way of taking the idea a bit too far.

An Expensive Transformation

While it is certainly nice to look good in a picture–and everybody has those photos that they love themselves in–most people have limits to what they will do to achieve that goal. For 38-year-old Triana Lavey of Los Angeles, she was willing to dedicate the time and invest $15,000 on multiple plastic surgeries in order to look good for pictures. Even if this situation sounds extreme to some people, Lavey’s reasoning behind her transformation is well thought out.

The work that Lavey had done to herself revolved around her face–she had facial fat grafting, a nose job and a chin implant that ran her thousands of dollars. For Lavey, the procedures were more than just about self-obsession: They were about her career.

An Investment in Her Future

As a senior talent manager that specializes in finding social media experts for an LA-based public relations firm, how Lavey presents herself to the world is very important. While she was skeptical of the surgeries at first, Lavey is happy with her decision as it has helped her promote herself better in her industry.

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