When we think of making our appointment to see our plastic surgeon we often forget to consider rescheduling our appointments. Derma fillers typically require multiple appointments for best results.

Scheduling Your Fillers

Fillers are used to fill out your lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to help plump up the shallow parts of your face. Regularly using fillers can also help in the prevention of lines and wrinkles. These exciting changes may persuade you to schedule your first appointment immediately, but let’s look at a few reasons you may want to hold off and reschedule that appointment.

The most popular cosmetic fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid gel. The ingredients in this gel are also found in our skin. There are also synthetic fillers that are made in a lab, that have no naturally occurring elements. One potential issue with these types of fillers is that an allergic reaction is possible. During  your consultation, our specialists will discuss your medical history, including any allergies that you know of. It is very important to disclose any and all information that you feel may affect your filler procedures. If you feel you have not been honest with your doctor or you are concerned with the potential risk, you should reschedule.

Another reason to postpone or reschedule a filler appointment is if you find out that you are pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. There have not been enough studies on pregnant or breastfeeding women to know whether or not the fillers could have any adverse effects on the baby. In order to minimize potential risk factors to your child, the safest choice is to wait until your child is born or weaned before you make your appointment.

Another reason you should postpone your filler appointment is if you have a sinus infection, or any type of infection. The thing with infections is, they enjoy hanging around open areas. When the doctor injects the filler, you then increase the risk of the injection site becoming inflamed and infected. Therefore, if you are feeling a little ill, please see your primary care doctor before making your appointment. Infections are very dangerous when it comes to plastic surgery procedures, especially when conducted in and around the face.

Lastly, you should reschedule a filler appointment if you have any dental work coming up. The dentist is going to be pulling and pushing on your face, which can cause the fillers to shift or to dissolve quicker than expected. If you do postpone the appointment, consult with the doctors at The Lett Center for a recommended reschedule date for your filler appointment.

We want you to be happy with your dermal fillers, but your safety is our primary concern. If at any point, before or after your consultation, you are worried about a potential risk factor, please reach out to the professional staff at The Lett Center to discuss your options. You can always reschedule your appointments!