There are many reasons why a woman may want to change out their breast implants. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the reasons and what you can expect from the procedure. Depending on the reason for your exchange, it can require different amounts of recovery time.


Not Happy With The Size

The first reason is purely cosmetic. Something about the size or shape of the breasts is no longer pleasing. In this case, the implant will need to be changed or altered. For instance, if you have saline implants, your surgeon may be able to adjust the amount of fluid inside the implant. Your surgeon can often use the same incision site as in the original surgery, which minimizes scarring. However, depending on what adjustments you desire, additional surgeries may be needed for shaping after the size change.

Not Happy With The Feel

A woman might decide that her breasts are the right size but want her breasts to feel natural to her or her partner. Saline implants, in particular, do not feel as natural as silicone ones. These implants can be switched out with a different model to improve the feel. Your surgeon can go over all of the latest implant technologies and may have samples for you to touch to help you make your decision. If the size remains the same, there may be no need to do additional shaping.


Implant Rupture

If your chest is hit hard by something, there is a chance that your implant can rupture. This is especially true for saline implants. It is easy to tell when this happens because your breast will deflate. This will not happen with silicone implants due to the thickness of the liquid, but they can still tear. A simple x-ray can tell your doctor whether or not a rupture has occurred. If there is one, you will need to get it replaced.


Worn Implants

Today’s implants often come with lifetime warranties, but earlier implants can wear out over time. They can rupture or lose shape and feel. If it has been a decade since your last implants, you may want to talk with the surgeon who did your procedure to discuss a possible upgrade and to evaluate the state of the implant.


Capsular Contraction

This is a condition that can require immediate surgical correction. When you get a breast implant, the surgeon has to make a space for it inside your natural breast. This is called a capsule. As part of the healing process, scar tissue forms in this capsule. Depending on many factors, too much scar tissue can form and squeeze the implant into the capsule. If this happens, the implant and the scar tissue will need to be removed.

Depending on how much scar tissue formed, it can cause pain, redness, hardness, and/or visible deformity until the implant and the scar tissue is removed. Your surgeon may be able to place your implant in a different location to reduce the chances of this happening. If you have a history of scarring easily, your surgeon will need to know this.

With the exception of the last reason, replacing an implant is a simple procedure. If you have further questions about implant replacement, please contact one of our surgeons.