A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure to raise and shape the breasts. As women age, breasts may sag and lose firmness. A mastopexy can enhance what you already have. 

According to Yahoo Beauty, a breast lift involves cutting excess skin and moving around filling or tightening tissue for a more youthful appearance. 

Recovery can last anywhere from four to six weeks, according to Cohen Winters Plastic Surgery. Right after surgery, bandages are applied to minimize movement and aid healing. A specialized surgical bra can also offer compression and support as well.

During the first week, it is important to introduce light activity in increments. The best way to recover quickly is rest. Be aware of arm movements and keep necessities like food, water and medications easily accessible.

Returning to daily activities and work can vary depending on the patient. Some can return to work within a few days and other may take more than 10, according to Parungao. Check in with your surgeon regularly to ensure you are following your personalized recovery timeline.

Some frequently asked recovery questions include:

  • How can I expect my breasts to look at first? What about in a few months?
  • What kind of recovery is associated with the surgical technique you will be using?
  • What can I do during my recovery and what should I avoid?

Breast lifts have increased by 70 percent since 2000, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. For every two breast implant procedures performed, one breast lift is surgery is completed. This could be a sign of a cultural shift from completely changing the body to instead enhancing what we already have. Although breast implants are still the most popular cosmetic surgery choice for women, breast lifts are steadily on the rise. 

If you're interested in a breast lift consult Nashville plastic surgery surgeons, like those at The Lett Center, for more information.